Measurements and media, synchronised!

Present the measurement data and the (video) recording captured during your research in one synchronised interface.

Bring your assets together

inSync Stageplayer contains several advanced functionalities that have been developed based on the needs of industrial research


Visualise data from high and low-frequency measurements


Drag and drop panels into a layout that fits your research.


Create impact with footage from normal and high-speed cameras


Tag interesting points and build knowledge by communicating these to your colleagues

Import high-frequency measurement data

InSync Stageplayer offers data visualization from multiple datasources, including high-frequency measurements. Intuitive and user-friendly controls make it easy to see the bigger picture as well as the finer details of your measurements, all while keeping measurements perfectly synchronised with video.

Make your own layouts

Audiovisual assets and data visualisations are placed into a flexible layout system, which can be easily arranged and customised with intuitive drag & drop functionality to match your research.

Support normal and high-speed cameras

InSync Stageplayer supports both video at commonly used framerates as well as video from high-speed cameras. To provide playout and analysis of these high-frequency images, inSync Stageplayer includes advanced speed controls to (automatically) speed up or slow down playback speed.

Transfer data to knowledge

To convert all this data into knowledge and advice, inSync Stageplayer contains a tagging interface that allows researchers to place different notes on the timeline, classified under different categories. This can be either done through our graphical user interface, but can also be connected to automated scripts in your research process to place tags onto the timeline when certain conditions are met.

inSync™ is a collaboration between MARIN and Noterik B.V.

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